Anders & Hitomi – Mike with Hitomi, Anders

I was introduced to this site by Alan Merrill who co-wrote “I Love Rock ‘n’ Roll” and when I visited Tokyo for a Bruce Lee event some years ago I was able to meet up with Hitomi who owns the site. She came to the studio where Mike Remedios of sixties Hong Kong band The Mystics was re-recording the English versions of the Bruce Lee film themes he had recorded back in the ’70s. She is one of the most knowledgeable people I have ever met when it comes to bands from all over the world, especially bands from the sixties. Her site is a fountain of information about bands from all over the world, including many from Hong Kong and Singapore and there are links to many other interesting sites.

(COMPOSERS AND AUTHORS SOCIETY OF HONG KONG LIMITED) The acronym CASH always brings smiles around the world…..much more direct and funky than PRS, STIM, JASRAC or BMI! The annual dinner, usually held in late October, is a great reunion of old friends…..some of whom literally only meet once a year at this gathering. CASH, working closely with the world body CISAC has been instrumental in helping other societies to be set up around Asia, including China.

Partying at CASH with Jane English, Chris Bowers and Irene Padilla Ho

Before this government radio station got into TV production it was called RHK and my “history” with them goes back to the late 50s when I entered junior DJ contest, winning several times and developing a serious addiction for doing “live” radio. I have been the “standby guy” for many years and ended up hosting a Country music show for 8 years after agreeing to stand in for a “few weeks”! Mostly I sit in for HK’s favourite old Uncle Ray, usually when he takes his annual vacation – which often coincides with Christmas. I have also acted in various programmes produced by the TV department, including some madcap English lessons.

Christmas at RTHK

You can find a lot of info about old Hong Kong vinyl on this site.





I suppose everyone thinks their alma mater is special, but the fact is that Hong Kong itself is a very special place in this world of ours and therefore an extraordinary school in this former British Colony is bound to stand out. King George the Vth School has alumni all over the world, probably more so than many other schools because a large number of families living in Hong Kong during the Colonial period were here on contracts and moved on to other countries or colonies when the time was up. I have met many former pupils who speak fondly of their childhoods here and many express a longing to come back. Reunions are held all over the world – the next official Hong Kong reunion is slated for the Autumn of 2007, to coincide with the tenth anniversary of Hong Kong’s handover to China. In December 2004 an impromptu reunion was held when the China Coast Community home needed money and some friends and I put together a fundraising event in the school assembly hall, starring Gerry &The Pacemakers who were in town for some corporate events.

Gerry and The Pacemakers at KGV
Gerry or Morning Prayers
In Divine Retribution with Lau Ching Wan

ATV evolved from Hong Kong’s first TV station, Rediffusion Televison….or RTV. My earliest memories of watching TV in Hong Kong probably date from the late fifties and I have vague recollections of watching a programme called Tugboat Annie in black and white at a friend’s house after school. In the early sixties I appeared with my band The Kontinentals on various shows on the Chinese channel and in the late sixties RTV had a popular music programme called Soundbeat on which I appeared regularly. From the 1980s onwards I have appeared in several hundred drama episodes, starting with the highly rated Hong Kong Gentlemen. The most recent acting job for ATV was in 2000 in Divine Retribution, with Adam Cheng and Lau Ching Wan. This was a collaboration between the station and a mainland Chinese production company and the series was very popular in China judging by the fact that when I travel on the Mainland I am often hailed by my name from the series! The series was a reunion of sorts for me and producer/director/writer Wai Ka Fai, who wrote the script for Soldier Of Fortune, the first drama series I appeared in on TVB in the early ’80s.

Probably better known as just ‘TVB’ this was Hong Kong’s first full-colour, wireless commercial TV station. Prior to its launch in 1967 RTV had a monopoly but found it tough to compete as it was still broadcasting in black and white. I was lucky enough to work for TVB right from the beginning, hosting a weekly half-hour show called Get Set Go on the English-language Pearl Channel, consisting of music clips from music shows on the Cantonese-language Jade Channel, including Enjoy Yourself Tonight and The Star Show. Was I perhaps Hong Kong’s first ever VJ? Almost 40 years later I have hosted a series called My Story on TVB-Q, part of the Super Sun satellite channel which TVB co-owns……and presented and interviewed some of the same artists I featured on Get Set Go, including Teddy Robin.

Anders with Teddy Robin

Hong Kong movie reviews and information.

A Who’s Who listing of the Hong Kong Music Industry on the Internet. I have reconnected with a lot of old friends through this very comprehensive and useful site. Good job, Ray Chu!

My webmistress and me

My friend Chris B runs the coolest Underground music scene in town known as Underground. Find out who’s playing where & when.

CASH founder members. That’s me fifth from left, right next to the late James Wong