The Definitive Group

…the definitive group*

I have been told that I have put a few noses out of joint identifying the combination that recorded the two singles for Orbit Records as the definitive Kontinentals. That’s just my personal opinion and I mean no disrespect to any of the musicians who played with the band at one time or another either before or after this defining moment. I can think of many other bands where a particular lineup is forever locked into the annals of history because of specific performances or recordings.

Here are some photos which show different sets of Kontinentals over the years.

Hong Kong has always been a very transitory place and friends, band-mates and school-chums came and went as holidays were taken in home countries or elsewhere, and parents were relocated in their work.

The combination that will forever be considered the Kontinentals in my mind are the six of us who appear on the sleeve of I Still Love You on the Orbit Records label.

All other musicians and singers who have played with the Kontinentals will always remain Kontinentals even if they don’t share the ‘definitive‘ tag.

George Grout
Danny Piry
Sid Fattedad
Sammy Fattedad
Martin Booth (he played bass for a while and then decided to become our publicist and manager)
Kent Kay (decades ahead of his time, he was our MC and DJ)
Mike Souza
John Telling
Roy Davenport